Hi there, welcome to Super Healthy Steph. Here you’ll find healthy, inspiring recipes and ideas that not only taste delicious but are super nutritious too! Check out my blog for useful hints and tips. I hope you love them as much as I do!


A little more about me…

I’m Steph, a healthy food fanatic from Northern Ireland. I founded Super Healthy Steph to share my passion for eating healthily, and to show that healthy eating can be simple and delicious without breaking the bank.

The rise of diet related ill health got me thinking about what actually goes into our food. Many processed foods contain high levels of added salt and sugar which may make foods taste good but long term can have a massive negative impact on health, which can so easily be avoided by making healthy choices.

I began to rethink the way I eat. From following health foodies and experimenting with alternative, raw (unprocessed) ingredients I started to learn about and experience the benefits of eating super healthy.

Sharing my dishes and knowledge with family and friends has given me a real buzz, which is why I founded Super Healthy Steph – so you too can love creating and eating super healthy dishes.

I’ll be blogging tried and tested recipes that are super healthy and super delicious. Keep up to date by following me on Facebook and Instagram- be sure to tag me in your creations, I’d love to see them.

Thanks for stopping by!