When it came to trying out healthy recipes that required a food processor or blender, I must admit I was a bit confused as to what the difference was so I thought it would be useful to put together a short post on what their functions are.



There are different types of blenders- hand blenders, jug blenders or personal blenders (such as the Nutribullet). I have both a hand blender and jug blender in my kitchen. I find the hand blender quick and helpful for blending soups (although the jug blender will do an equally good job), and I use my jug blender for making smoothies.

The process of blending essentially mixes all the ingredients together whilst maintaining the fibre which keeps the drink thicker, making it more filling. The main thing to remember about blending is that it always requires a liquid base such as milk, water or yoghurt. You can add ingredients such as oats, chia seeds and nut butter to bulk up your smoothie and keep you fuller for longer.


Food Processor

Food processors generally come with a number of different attachments or blades so they can carry out lots of different functions including chopping, slicing, grinding and puréeing. I use my food processor for making things like energy balls, hummus and pesto.

It’s different to blending as the blades in a food processor are much wider and longer, this means it can blend more solid or chunky ingredients such as dates and nuts. The end product is less smooth. The key difference between blending and food processing is that a food processor does not require any liquid.

Both equipments carry out very different tasks which is why you really need one of each. These kitchen equipment staples are fantastic time saving devices so if you haven’t got them I would definitely recommend investing or if they’re currently stuck in your kitchen cupboard then dust them off and get using them.


So as a quick summary- use your blender for liquids such as soups and smoothies, and your food processor to grind more solid ingredients and make foods such as protein balls, hummus and pesto.