No bake flapjacks are fast becoming one of my ‘go to’ healthy snack meal prep recipes- mainly because every time I try the baked variety they always turn out a bit of a disappointment. ¬†Plus, I can have a batch of these whipped up and in the fridge within ten minutes, and there’s no need to pre-heat the oven, time the baking, and it involves minimal equipment, meaning less stuff to wash up afterwards – now that’s a win win recipe right there! I also love how you can alter this recipe. I’ve went for an almond and coconut flavour combination, but actually any nut butter would work fine – whether that’s peanut butter, hazelnut butter or even a chocolate flavoured nut butter (now that sounds delicious 😍)- and you can mix and match the chopped nuts or add in dried fruit too. ¬†Have fun with the choices!

200g jumbo porridge oats

50g dessicated coconut

20g chia seeds

50g peanuts, roughly chopped

50g almonds, roughly chopped

80g honey

30g coconut oil

150g almond & coconut butter

1. Melt the almond & coconut butter, honey and coconut oil in a bowl.
2. In a separate bowl mix together the oats, dessicated coconut, chia seeds and chopped nuts. Then add the melted mixture, stirring until everything is coated evenly.
3. Transfer mix to a lined baking tray or dish (I lined mine with cling film), and place in the fridge for around 1 hour. Remove and cut into slices. Store in tupperware box for up to one week.