Heard of Bulgur Wheat but not sure how to cook it or what to put with it? Then check out this recipe. A great alternative to the usual boring rice, bulgur wheat is not only a healthy whole wheat grain but also naturally has a nutty taste and aroma. Similar to cous cous, bulgur wheat cooks using absorption method, so for every one part bulgur wheat use two parts water and simmer until the water has been fully absorbed. I love this dish warm, the balsamic roasted veg works perfectly and the chickpeas add a yummy crunch! Equally this dish works great as a cold lunch at work or side dish.

1 cup Bulgur Wheat

2 cups Boiling Water

1 Vegetable or Chicken Stock Cube

200g canned Chickpeas

2 Red Onions

2 Tomatoes

2 Courgettes

2 Peppers

4 tbsp Rapeseed Oil

6 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

1. Preheat oven to 200ᴼC.

2. Chop the vegetables into chunks and drain the can of chickpeas. Place all onto a baking tray and drizzle with rapeseed oil and balsamic vinegar. Pop into oven for around 20 minutes until vegetables are carmelised.

3. In a saucepan, over a medium heat, mix stock cube with 2 cups boiling water. Add bulgur wheat and bring to the boil. Cover with saucepan lid and reduce to simmer until stock has been absorbed. This should take around 10-15 minutes.